Contemporary Inukshuk

Contemporary Inukshuk


This contemporary inukshuk is made out of individually carved pieces of black chlorite, then assembled to form the body.  I love the idea of this human form being a symbol of safety, hope and friendship.  I took a rather contemporary take on this traditional Inuit structure.  This inukshuk sits on a dark green piece of soapstone that has wonderful flecks that catch the light.  I have left one side of the soapstone uncarved as the natural movement of the stone was quite beautiful, and it gave a completely different look to the piece.

This piece is currently available through the Allied Arts Council Gallery in Spruce Grove.


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For those living in Edmonton and surrounding area, please contact me prior to purchase if you would like to pick up the piece and avoid shipping charges.  A variety of flat shipping options with Canada Post are available.  If you live outside of North America and you would like to discuss other shipping options, please email me.  If cost of shipping is significantly less than the flat right, a refund for the excess will be issued.