iRock Acoustic Speaker "Star"

iRock Acoustic Speaker "Star"


This speaker is made of soapstone, and has quite a few cuts in the front giving a star appearance. Music streams beautifully from the opening of the star.

I love doing these iRock acoustic speakers.  Your phone is placed in the slot, lining up the speaker with the small hole.  Music is fed into the hole and amplified as it passes through the front cut-out.  Not only is this piece functional, but it's also very cool to look at!

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For those living in Edmonton and surrounding area, please contact me prior to purchase if you would like to pick up the piece and avoid shipping charges.  A variety of flat shipping options with Canada Post are available.  If you live outside of North America and you would like to discuss other shipping options, please email me.  If cost of shipping is significantly less than the flat right, a refund for the excess will be issued.