What's Up?

I had a busy summer last year with Stone Shaper Studios, and 2018 looks to be a repeat!  We are currently in the process of getting our applications into various Art Walks and Sales which will carry us through till December.  Stay tuned!

Allied Arts Council

I am part of the "Northern Beauty" Show, which runs from December 4th to January 19th, 2018.  There are many wonderful pieces that are on display and for sale.  I have chosen to submit the following three pieces.  These pieces will be available to purchase at the Allied Arts Council until January 19th. 

Allied Arts Council - "Figuratively Speaking"

I will be entering the Figuratively Speaking show which runs from March 6th to 23rd.  It was difficult to choose what to submit this time as I had so many ideas running through my head.  In the end, I decided to submit three completely different pieces in terms of style and subject, yet they are all related to the theme.  These pieces will be available for purchase at the Allied Arts Council until March 23rd.